Stop the Privatization

On August 22, 2022 Doug Ford met with the three Maritime province premiers to discuss significant changes to their respective health care systems. Anyone following the news has seen how Doug Ford is currently in the process of privatizing aspects of their health care. One would assume that this might be reserved for a larger population like Ontario. This isn't the case.

Prince Edward Island has seen a creeping move to privatize our public health care. From the Wade MacLauchlan Liberals to the current King Government, pieces of what should be our government's responsibility have been tendered and sold to private interests; many of whom have close ties to Government officials. The following are just an example of this concerning privatization:

Paramedic Services

Contract awarded to Medavie in 2006. Contract renewed by King Government.

Home Care Services

Home care service contract awarded to Medavie in 2018 without a tender process.

Mental Health

Mobile mental health unit was set to be run by Health PEI but was inevitably given to Medavie

Lab Testing

Attempted outsourcing and closure of Queen Elizabeth Hospital's cytology lab in 2021.

Digital Doctors

Maple launches, further delaying 25,000 Islanders waiting on the patient registry.

The Future

The dept. of Health and Welness' recent paper devotes a page praising private partnerships.

We Need Your Voice

The above are just some of the measures that Liberal and Conservative governments have initiated. Instead of heavily investing in a well-funded public health care system for all islanders, successive governments have invested in private companies whose goal is to make a profit, at the expense of inefficiently run services.

Let Dennis King know that enough is enough, and that PEI's health care is NOT for sale.

Islanders are worried about finding a family doctor, being treated in a hallway, long surgery wait times and ER closures prior to the pandemic and its only getting worse.

The province is in this position because of the chronic underfunding of our health care system and now the government is suggesting that more private for profit delivery of our health care system is the way to fix the problem. Simply put, that is wrong.

It will push our health care system to the brink of collapse.

More private delivery means more companies making a profit and less money that goes to patient care like family doctors & nurses, proper paramedic services, surgery waitlists and specialty appointments.

I call on the government not to privatize any more of our health care services and that more government investment be exclusive to our publicly funded, accountable, universal, comprehensive, accessible health care system.


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